What Pokémon GO is ACTUALLY going to be like

Pikachu! I choose yo… dammit my battery died! (Pokémon GO honest trailer)

For the original (awesome-looking) Pokémon GO trailer: https://youtu.be/2sj2iQyBTQs


Created by Tom Trager and Or Paz
Graphics, Animation: Tom Trager
Camera, Editing, VFX, Sound Design: Or Paz
Special Make up: Adva Danielli
Music: SouhdSphere (http://audiojungle.net/user/soundsphere/portfolio?ref=SoundSphere)
Production: Galit Mor
Awesome Ash Outfit: Shachar Soikis and his very talented mother (happy Soikis???)

Special Thanks:
Adi Morag the NidoQueen
Or Hager
Noa Mika Baruch
Lee Ballan
Elad Peretz
Professor Oak

Pokémon Masters (by appearance):
Or Paz
Tom Trager
Elad Segoli
Galit Mor
Adva Danielli
Shachar Soikis
Oded Faran
Dan Hershkovits
Yonatan Hershkovits
Amit Ben Avraham
Gadi Portnoy
Violet Vengenz
Amit Hershkovits