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Hi, In This Video I’ll show you how to get pokecoins fast and easy using apps

Hello in this video i’m showing you how to get free coins in pokemon go.

Regardless of the case, when you have a Pokémon hooked up in at least one gym, you may gain the rewards. Hit the shop and search for the little defend icon on the top right. Tap that and you’ll acquire a Defender bonus of 10 coins and 500 Stardust for every gymnasium you currently control, up to a maximum of 10 gyms. Then the timer will reset, and also you’ll ought to wait 21 hours to redeem any further rewards.

I’ve held a few gyms in my time, but here in Chicago, maximum of the gyms around me have a tendency to change hands more than one instances an hour-so I’ve never been confident enough to try to find similarly gyms to hold down before amassing my bonus. Through the years, as casual players thin out and hardcore lovers wield ultra-effective Pokémon, possibly the gyms will stay with one crew for longer spans. however actually, after gambling the game regularly for nearly 3 weeks now, I suppose I’ve accrued 50 coins via this system. you can’t buy something with 50 cash.

In this video i will show you how to get unlimited pokemon go coins for free. Hey guys in this video we will show you how to get free pokemon go coins. The pokémon go gen 2 update is now live prepare yourself with these gen 2 tips & tricks in pokémon go!

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